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    Easy and Cheesy Zucchini Fritters

    by Paula

    Who said veggies need to be boring? Zucchini fritters are so adaptable and a fun way to incorporate veggies in a meal. Add carrots, onions – even cheese and make a quick and delicious meal. Welcome to the 1st recipe in #zestforzucchini!

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    Zest for Zucchini!

    by Paula

    For a year, I’ll be trying out new zucchini recipes (since I can’t be going on and on about fritters forever) and sharing them with you! I’m thrilled to start this series and I hope we get to try out a lot of zucchini recipes out there.

  • Pani Popo is a mouthwatering sweet bread that’s covered with dollops of creamy coconut sauce. Evoking vague visions of tropical beaches and swaying palm trees (hello, coconut sauce!), this bread comes from the South Pacific island nation of Samoa.

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    Arroz Caldo

    by Paula

    Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe When I was a kid, there was a lady who sold arroz caldo every day in her makeshift stall. It wasn’t much to write home about but it made for a good breakfast standby. For 5 pesos, you’d get a bowl of watery arroz caldo and half a slice of hardboiled egg. If you chose to eat it on the spot, you even get complimentary toyo (soy sauce) and calamansi (lime). …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe A mango royale icebox cake. That’s what would be great in this sauna like weather. I recently read a news article on Facebook that said that the Philippines was having tons of surplus mangoes. An unusually warm weather led to a bumper crop of mangoes and farmers were struggling to offload their produce. As any student of economics will tell you, an increase in supply, ceteris paribus of course, will lead …

  • Gyoza are pan fried Japanese dumplings that make for a delicious appetizer or a quick meal. These are filled with ground meat (usually pork) and minced vegetables and wrapped in a thin wheat wrapper. Gyoza was originally a Chinese dish called ‘jiǎo zi’ but has been widely embraced by the Japanese that it has become a popular side dish in izakayas, ramen stands, and supermarkets. Interestingly, gyoza is similar to the Korean mandu, as well.

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    No Sweat Mexican Horchata

    by Paula

    Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe For a self-professed rice lover, a creamy, ice-cold rice-based drink like horchata works like Pavlov’s bells on me. I love rice. There really is no other way to describe my fondness for rice but in the most glowing terms. So you can imagine my excitement when I first came across a recipe for horchata back in 2015. For those unfamiliar with horchata, it’s a beverage that’s made with ground rice and …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe While I can never lay claim to House Stark’s House Words ‘Winter is Coming’, grapefruits, at least, have come to the grocery aisles of Singapore. And perfectly in time for the seasonal collaboration that I’ve been participating in on Instagram. Just a quick FYI on the state of affairs here in Singapore before I get down to the Winter Collaboration recipe that I created (an incredibly moist grapefruit cake!): The chance …

  • You would hardly find any trace of Food for the Gods anywhere in the Philippines from January to November. But for some unknown reason, the classic and chewy treat always finds its way to the list of food gifts for Christmas and New Year.

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    Creamy Maja Blanca

    by Paula

    Maja Blanca is a creamy, gelatinous Filipino dessert made from several types of milk, chiefly coconut milk, thickened with cornstarch and topped with latik (cooked coconut topping). It is a traditional dessert served during get togethers.

  • Filipinos are the most ingenious when it comes to adopting foreign food to suit the local palate. Take, for example, the case of spaghetti. Though it has some serious Italian influences, you’d be hard-pressed to find spaghetti in restaurants in Italy. Just as the Americans have added meatballs to come up with ‘spaghetti and meatballs,’ we, too, have given spaghetti our spin. We called it our very own Filipino-Style Spaghetti!

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    Sweet and Creamy Buko Pandan

    by Paula

    Buko pandan is a Filipino dessert that is made of shredded coconut, pandan (screw pine) flavored jelly, and lots and lots of cream. It’s really simple to make and the color blends nicely with the seasonal reds and greens. Despite being a standby on the Christmas table, buko pandan is a popular summer favorite, too.

  • I took a break from my recent obsession with bread making. I found myself suddenly sick of bread flour, yeast, and the hours spent in resting the dough.  And what better way to shake off my bread-making doldrums than a fast and effortless recipe for butterscotch?

  • I wasn’t a big fan of breads back when I was a kid but I have always had a soft spot for some yummy Filipino Cheese Bread. I used to always go to the market with my mom to do some weekly grocery shopping and we would always stop at a bakery off the main street to buy some bread. One of the many goodies that were on display was Filipino cheese bread.

  • Hi everyone! Today is going to be a short and easy recipe for Filipino Cheese Cupcakes. These cupcakes are one of those iconic and old-school snacks that were quite popular in the Philippines a few (more than a few, actually) years ago.  Nowadays, a popular Filipino snack brand sells its own version and many mothers include this in their children’s lunch boxes.  Their texture is actually more akin to muffins, but because most Filipinos are …

  • Today I’m going to share with you my recipe for Filipino Chicken Macaroni Salad. In all honesty, I’m not much of a salad person. If I had to choose between a salad and another dish, 99% of the time I’d go for that other dish. This salad ranks quite low in my list of favorite Filipino salads (my top favorite is Buko Salad), but my sister requested that I make this during the holidays. It …

  • I’ve been a truant recently. I sincerely apologize to you for taking off and not updating my blog for a month even though I sorta promised to do a weekly post when I first started this blog. As a way of saying sorry, let me present to you this easy and satisfying “One Pan Pork and Sausage with Apples” recipe.

  • The August Bakealong challenge was to make this classic Italian golden foccacias. I’ve never made foccacias before since I prefer to bake the softer Asian breads that I grew up with. Nevertheless, it was with great enthusiasm that I tackled this latest challenge.

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe I fell in love with J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth when I read The Fellowship of the Ring. Admittedly, I was only introduced to Tolkien when the movie came out (cringe, cringe). My childhood didn’t offer much opportunity to explore literature as much as I wanted and I had to scrape together my meager allowance to buy used books. Forget about libraries; the only ones that I had access to were school …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Welcome to the second part of this series on Filipino Breads.  Today, I’m going to share with you how to make Filipino “Spanish” Bread. Yup, you read the name right. This is one of the more popular and common breads in the neighborhood bakeries in the Philippines. Filipino Spanish Bread? Whoa, are we missing a trick here? How can a bread be called “Spanish” but still be 100% Filipino? This post …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe My first attempt at making pandesal was a major disaster.  The rolls were tasty but rivaled a blackhole in density. Because they were so hard, eating them felt like I was eating stones.  Since then, I swore never to make pandesal in my entire life again.  Up until last week, that is. This post is a part the Filipino Bread series. This series aims to promote well-loved Filipino bread to everyone. Check …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Welcome to April’s Bakealong Challenge, the Chocolate Babka! Perhaps I should start off by saying that I had no idea what a babka was before I started this challenge. Yeah, how sad is that. But the fact of the matter is, I was no bread eater and the bakeries back home didn’t make babkas when I was growing up.  So the long and short of it is, this month’s Bakealong certainly posed …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Hey everyone! How is everybody doing today? I am quite excited to share with you this simple Filipino recipe for Sipo Eggs. Are you ready? You are probably raising an eyebrow and wondering what the heck is Sipo Eggs.  But despite its weird sounding name, Sipo Eggs is a creamy and delicious concoction of quail eggs, shrimps, peas, and vegetables that originated from the Pampanga region of the Philippines. Pampanga is …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe I wish I could say that I love spring but I honestly can’t. There’s no spring where I live, you see, and the closest to seasons that we have are pre- and post-Christmas (just kidding, they’re wet and dry seasons). Kidding aside, I do appreciate the Black Eyed Peas (band) and this irresistible, honest to goodness, creamy Black Eyed Peas and Alfalfa soup. A few weeks ago, a couple of Instagram bloggers …

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    Fluffy Hot Cross Buns for Easter

    by Paula

    Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe How’s your week so far? ?  Easter is just around the corner and I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and work in the kitchen. You know what else I look forward to? Fluffy Hot Cross Buns. Back when I was younger, we observed Holy Week in a more somber mood. I dreaded the arrival of Holy Week because it meant not being able to watch my favorite cartoon shows …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe I’ve been meaning to join the King Arthur Flour Bakealong Challenge since the beginning of the year but unfortunately my schedule (and my laziness) prevented me from joining in until this month.  But by dint of sheer persistence (aka giving pep talks to myself), I managed to bake this month’s bakealong challenge which was Butterflake Herb Loaf.  Hooray! The recipe was based on a winning recipe from King Arthur Flour’s 1964 Bake-Off competition …

  • Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe My friend went on a trip to Europe a few years ago and came back with a jar of Speculoos cookie butter for me. I had never tasted cookie butter prior to that but my first spoonful convinced me that I was missing out on a truly fantastic treat. Fortunately, living in Singapore comes with a lot of perks, including a wide selection of cookie butter choices. Supermarkets carry several brands of cookie butter and …