About me

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I’m Paula, the blogger and photographer behind Gobble the Cook.  I’m happy to see you here and I hope you’re enjoying browsing through the recipes.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a teacher or a dentist or an accountant or a lawyer. I finally settled on something quite different though.

I’m a software engineer by profession and a home cook/baker in my downtime. I’m a self-taught cook, baker, and photographer. On weekdays, my time is spent looking at SAP screens and racking my brains over project deliverables. Weekends are spent catching up on sleep/personal time and cooking/baking/taking photos.

Why did you choose to start this blog?

I’ve always wanted to do something different from what I do normally. When you’re a project consultant, it’s easy to get mired in rules and client expectations and technical stuff.

This blog is my own space where I can share my recipes, post my food photos, and generally just express myself in my posts. There’s nothing technical here (apart from oven temperatures, ingredient measurements, and recipe steps). I do this for fun and to interact with other people too.

I love to cook and I keep a running tab at the back of my mind of the food that I want to write about.

What’s Gobble the Cook?

Gobble the Cook is a personal blog dedicated to sharing stories and recipes of food that I’m passionate about.

As a self-taught cook and baker, I know how hard it is start from scratch, so to speak.

How much does a cup of flour weigh? What is 350F in Celsius? How big is the onion needed?

A number of recipes out there have a presumption that we are mind readers and can pinpoint exactly what the content creator meant. But in many cases, certainly mine, navigating a recipe isn’t as simple as ABC. And with tons and tons of recipes posted online, it fairly makes your head spin making sense out of it.

Here in Gobble The Cook, not only will you find personally tested recipes, but you’ll also find recipe tips, handy oven temperature conversions, a list of common ingredients, and some food info. It is my goal to make things clear and enjoyable for each visitor on this site.

Reach out to me via the ‘Contact Gobble’ link on top! Post some comments on the posts! It’s always a pleasure to interact with you.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your visit today!