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How to make No Sweat Mexican Horchata – 5 steps

For a self-professed rice lover, a creamy, ice-cold rice-based drink like horchata works like Pavlov’s bells on me.

I love rice. There really is no other way to describe my fondness for rice but in the most glowing terms. So you can imagine my excitement when I first came across a recipe for horchata back in 2015.

For those unfamiliar with horchata, it’s a beverage that’s made with ground rice and flavored with cinnamon. Similar to our various samalamigs, horchata is a common agua fresca that’s sold by street vendors in Latin America.

The good news is, we don’t have to fly to Latin American countries to sample some horchata.  You can easily whip up a batch of horchata with ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen. These are:

  • rice (any self-respecting Filipino kitchen would have some)
  • evaporated milk
  • condensed milk
  • cinnamon sticks (or powder, in a pinch – pun intended)
  • water

Yup. 5 ingredients in total. Well, you could add some raw almonds too, if you have.

Horchata How-To

In addition, most of the prep work happens overnight! The first step in making horchata is to soak a cup of rice, half a cup of almonds, and a cinnamon stick in a cup of water. Next is to store that mixture in the fridge for a few hours while you go to sleep or do some errands.

I used normal, uncooked white rice and a cinnamon stick that’s been broken into pieces. Sadly, I didn’t have any almonds this time around.  The horchata turned out really tasty although the almonds would have given more creaminess to the drink.

I put the soaked rice, cinnamon, and the soaking water in a food processor/blender and ground them until they were fine. One tip I could give – don’t put all the soaking water with the rice and cinnamon all at once! I’m not sure if it’s my food processor, but it didn’t grind well when I put all the water in.

Once everything’s ground, add some evaporated milk and condensed milk.  Then blend, blend, blend! Transfer to a big pitcher, add some ice cubes, and voila!

Viva horchata!?

No Sweat Mexican Horchata

If you are craving a glass of Mexican horchata but have no idea how to make it, this recipe is for you! Not only is it easy to make, but it's also packed with nutrition! I have included the Nutritional Information and serving suggestions for No Sweat Mexican Horchata, so you can make it any time of day. You'll thank me later. This delicious drink is perfect for the whole family!
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 1.5 liters
Calories 156 kcal


  • 165 grams 1 cup uncooked white rice
  • 1 cinnamon stick broken into pieces
  • 50 grams 1/2 cup raw almonds (optional)
  • 1 cup 240 ml evaporated milk
  • 1 cup 240 ml condensed milk
  • 4 cups 960 ml water
  • ice cubes


  • Soak the rice, cinnamon stick pieces, and almonds in 1 cup of water overnight, or at least 5 hours.
  • In a food processor or blender, grind the rice, cinnamon stick pieces, and almonds with the soaking water.
  • Once grounded finely, add the evaporated milk and condensed milk. Pulse for a few times until well blended.
  • Strain the mixture and transfer to a big pitcher.
  • Add the rest of the water and ice cubes. Stir well before pouring out to serve.



There may still be some gritty bits after 1 straining. I personally like the gritty bits but if you want a smoother texture, strain some more.
Add more condensed milk if you want a sweeter taste.
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Mexican Horchata

Horchata Recipe {Best Mexican Drink!} - Cooking Classy

Easy horchata recipe

If you’ve ever wanted to make horchata but aren’t sure where to start, consider making your own! This delicious drink is a great way to get the Mexican flavor and look without leaving the comfort of home! Horchata is a milky beverage that is sweetened with a touch of cinnamon. It can be served anytime of day or night. It can be an ideal snack, treat, or pick-me-up. While traditional horchata is alcohol-free, you can always add rum or brandy to make it alcoholic.

Traditional horchata recipes are very sweet and call for far more white sugar than rice. To make a healthier version, skip the sugar entirely and use dates or honey instead. You’ll also want to soak your rice overnight. After 8 hours, you can strain the horchata in a cheesecloth and add evaporated milk, vanilla, and heavy cream. Serve with fruit and pastries! Enjoy!

This recipe is simple and only requires a few basic ingredients. You’ll need a blender, a mesh strainer, and pure vanilla extract. This delicious drink is a refreshing treat and perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration! It’s the perfect drink to cool off on hot days! Don’t miss out on this easy Mexican horchata recipe and make sure to share it with friends and family!

Nutritional information

Horchata Recipe

The nutritional information for Mexican horchata varies depending on the variety and preparation method. A single cup contains about 80 calories, and the total amount of fat and calories is two to five grams. In addition to this, the beverage contains 22 to 26 grams of sugar per cup. While you may enjoy a sip on a hot day, you should avoid drinking it regularly. Instead, limit it to occasional consumption to enjoy its soothing effects on the body.

Although horchata is high in calories and can easily replace a meal, it is a good choice for those looking for a healthy drink to sip after a heavy workout. Most authentic recipes contain between 98 and 680 calories per cup. For the most part, horchata contains only a small amount of fat, but almonds add a small amount of calories.

Traditionally, horchata is made from rice and coconut. It is made by soaking, grinding, and blending the ingredients. This process encourages fat, starch, and protein molecules to migrate to the horchata’s thick consistency. Although it looks like milk, it contains no dairy products, which makes it a healthy choice for a snack or drink. In addition, horchata can also be used as a flavoring in other beverages.

Serving suggestions

How To Make Truly Authentic Mexican Horchata At Home

No sweat Mexican horchata is a creamy, rich and dairy-free beverage. It is traditionally prepared by soaking white rice in water and adding cinnamon sticks and granulated sugar. Using the recipe below, you’ll have the perfect drink for your Cinco de Mayo party! Try it with grilled chicken street tacos or sheet pan chicken fajitas for an authentic Mexican celebration.

Serve chilled. To preserve the freshness of the drink, store it in a glass bottle. While horchata is non-reactive, it should be refrigerated before serving. It can be prepared using a Vitamix, which grinds hard rice grains and strains the water. Then, add lime zest, if desired. If you’d prefer to make it extra adult, you can add a shot of rum or vodka to the drink, or add a splash of Kahlua. Strawberry horchata can also be prepared by blending soaked rice with strawberries, mangoes, or apples.

No sweat Mexican horchata is delicious served cold or chilled, and pairs well with spicy Mexican dishes. For a festive holiday celebration, try incorporating some cinnamon sticks. They release more flavor when soaked overnight. You can also try coconut milk or cream of coconut, or try boozy horchata with rum or wine. If you’re planning to serve it cold, serve it chilled over ice.

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