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Zest for Zucchini!

by Paula


I’m quite excited as I type up this post. First, it’s been such a long time since I wrote something on my blog. While I can lay some of the blame on this horrible pandemic, the rest of the blame can be firmly placed on the massive writer’s block that I had. But I’ve pulled through (notice the updated blog design), and hopefully, can move past that.

Second, I had this terrific idea while I was brainstorming on what exactly I can write about. My friend said that I can write about things that I usually do or eat or use, and I thought, yeah that’s gonna make blogging easier since I do/eat/use those regularly anyway.

So tada, this post about zucchinis.


I discovered that I like zucchinis this past year.

Like a lot of the relatively-unscathed-by-the-pandemic people, I had my own version of the “Quarantine 15”, that infamous weight gain by virtue of being locked down at home. While I wasn’t the most active of people before the quarantine, I did clock in more steps daily then.

So in a desperate bid to eat healthy at least, I turned to a zucchini fritter recipe that I tried before. I didn’t have the exact measurements, though; I just had a hodgepodge idea of what goes into the fritters. But I soon got addicted to it and I tried experimenting with the basic recipe by adding stuff like cheese and carrots.

I’m sure you’ve had those moments where you stumble upon something cool and you want to share it with everyone and you sometimes take your enthusiasm too far?


Well, I decided to follow through with it.

I have a biggish balcony in this new place that I moved into just before the lockdown and while last year I focused more on flowers and fruit trees, this time I planted a couple of edible plants.

I’m growing tomatoes, potatoes, mint, basil, carrots, peas, and zucchinis. Please note I’m a novice when it comes to edibles, so I’m hoping they all make it by summer. The progress has been encouraging and I’ll probably post some pics later but I’m hoping my 2 zucchini plants give me tons of zucchini in the next few months.

And- drumroll please! – I’ll be starting on a new post series called #zestforzucchini!

For a year, I’ll be trying out new zucchini recipes (since I can’t be going on and on about fritters forever) and sharing them with you! I’m thrilled to start this series and I hope we get to try out a lot of zucchini recipes out there.


Endless possibilities await us!

Think casseroles, chips, gratins, pastas! I’m just drooling thinking of all the zucchinis that I’ll be eating. Hopefully some of those zucchinis will come from my garden (farm to table, anyone?).

Don’t forget to watch out for new recipes under the tag #zestforzucchini and see you soon!



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