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Food for the Gods

Rich and Chewy Food for The Gods

November 7, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 2 min read

You would hardly find any trace of Food for the Gods anywhere in the Philippines from January to November. But for some unknown reason, the classic and chewy treat always finds its way to the list of food gifts for Christmas and New Year. And with a name like that, the expectation is quite high for this holiday treat.

Creamy Maja Blanca

October 30, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 3 min read

Maja Blanca is a creamy, gelatinous Filipino dessert made from several types of milk, chiefly coconut milk, thickened with cornstarch and topped with latik (cooked coconut topping). It is a traditional dessert served during get togethers.

Filipino Style Spaghetti

Filipino Style Spaghetti

October 22, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 2 min read

Filipinos are the most ingenious when it comes to adopting foreign food to suit the local palate. Take, for example, the case of spaghetti. Though it has some serious Italian influences, you’d be hard-pressed to find spaghetti in restaurants in Italy. Just as the Americans have added meatballs to come up with ‘spaghetti and meatballs,’ we, too, have given spaghetti our spin. We called it our very own Filipino-Style Spaghetti!

Smooth and Luscious Leche Flan

September 26, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 3 min read

Our neighbor used to make and sell leche flan. Since they lived just right next to ours, I used to go to their house and watch as they steamed batches after batches of leche flan.

Leche Flan is the Filipino counterpart of custards. The sweet and slightly bitter caramel sauce perfectly offsets the silky texture of the flan.

Buko Pandan

Sweet and Creamy Buko Pandan

September 19, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 2 min read

Buko pandan is a Filipino dessert that is made of shredded coconut, pandan (screw pine) flavored jelly, and lots and lots of cream. It’s really simple to make and the color blends nicely with the seasonal reds and greens. Despite being a standby on the Christmas table, buko pandan is a popular summer favorite, too.

About Me

About Me


I'm a software engineer by profession and a home cook/baker in my downtime. As a self taught cook and baker, I believe that anyone is capable of creating mouthwatering, home-cooked food.

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