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Buttery Butterscotch Blondie Bars

August 3, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 4 min read

I took a break from my recent obsession with bread making. I found myself suddenly sick of bread flour, yeast, and the hours spent in resting the dough.  And what better way to shake off my bread-making doldrums than a fast and effortless recipe for butterscotch?

Butterscotch is one of the more popular treats from my hometown. Tourists who visit Negros and Panay can often be seen carrying boxes of it in the plane.

Cheese Cupcakes

Easy Cheesy Filipino Cheese Cupcakes

June 18, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 2 min read

Hi everyone! Today is going to be a short and easy recipe for Filipino Cheese Cupcakes. These cupcakes are one of those iconic and old-school snacks that were quite popular in the Philippines a few (more than a few, actually) years ago.  Nowadays, a popular Filipino snack brand sells its own version and many mothers include this in their children’s lunch boxes.  Their texture is actually more akin to muffins, but because most Filipinos are not familiar with muffins, we call them cupcakes instead.

About Me

About Me


I'm a software engineer by profession and a home cook/baker in my downtime. As a self taught cook and baker, I believe that anyone is capable of creating mouthwatering, home-cooked food.

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