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Filipino Pan de Coco

Seriously Soft Filipino Pan de Coco

July 14, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 4 min read

Today’s recipe is for another local bakery standby – the Pan de Coco. Pan de Coco is a soft, coconut-filled bun that is a popular snack in the Philippines. Like most Filipino breads, its name comes from Spanish and literally translates to coconut bread. It’s cool to note that other […]

Filipino Milky Cheese Bread

Crowd Favorite Milky Filipino Cheese Bread

July 2, 2018 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 2 min read

I wasn’t a big fan of breads back when I was a kid but I have always had a soft spot for some yummy Filipino Cheese Bread. I used to always go to the market with my mom to do some weekly grocery shopping and we would always stop at a bakery off the main street to buy some bread. One of the many goodies that were on display was Filipino cheese bread.

Golden Foccacia

August Bakealong Challenge: Golden Foccacia

August 17, 2017 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 3 min read

The August Bakealong challenge was to make this classic Italian golden foccacias. I’ve never made foccacias before since I prefer to bake the softer Asian breads that I grew up with. Nevertheless, it was with great enthusiasm that I tackled this latest challenge.

Filipino Spanish Bread

Delicious Filipino Spanish Bread

June 5, 2017 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 2 min read

Welcome to the second part of this series on Filipino Breads.  Today, I’m going to share with you how to make Filipino “Spanish” Bread. Yup, you read the name right. This is one of the more popular and common breads in the neighborhood bakeries in the Philippines. Filipino Spanish Bread? […]

Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls)

The Softest Ever Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls)

May 15, 2017 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 4 min read

My first attempt at making pandesal was a major disaster.  The rolls were tasty but rivaled a blackhole in density. Because they were so hard, eating them felt like I was eating stones.  Since then, I swore never to make pandesal in my entire life again.  Up until last week, that […]

April Bakealong Challenge: Chocolate Babka

April 28, 2017 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 3 min read

Welcome to April’s Bakealong Challenge, the Chocolate Babka! Perhaps I should start off by saying that I had no idea what a babka was before I started this challenge. Yeah, how sad is that. But the fact of the matter is, I was no bread eater and the bakeries back […]

Fluffy Hot Cross Buns for Easter

April 12, 2017 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 2 min read

How’s your week so far? ?  Easter is just around the corner and I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and work in the kitchen. You know what else I look forward to? Fluffy Hot Cross Buns. Back when I was younger, we observed Holy Week in a more […]

March Bakealong Challenge: Butterflake Herb Loaf

April 5, 2017 Paula (Gobble The Cook) 3 min read

I’ve been meaning to join the King Arthur Flour Bakealong Challenge since the beginning of the year but unfortunately my schedule (and my laziness) prevented me from joining in until this month.  But by dint of sheer persistence (aka giving pep talks to myself), I managed to bake this month’s bakealong […]

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About Me


I'm a software engineer by profession and a home cook/baker in my downtime. As a self taught cook and baker, I believe that anyone is capable of creating mouthwatering, home-cooked food.

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